Teen Choice Awards 2016: Male Looks

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Yeah, I decided to do another one about Teen Choice Awards but this time about male look, because I don't remember seeing people doing this so I guess that they don't do a lot. So, thank me :)
Again I choose seven guys, not my preference but by the outfits.

To start all these male look, the first one to be judge will be...

Cameron Dallas

To be honest, I don't really have a constructive opinion on his look, because it's a mix of feelings.
I like the jacket I think it's a bit relaxed and 'hilarious' good for the party. Then the top and jeans are just normal so give him a simple look and partier as the jacket. The shoes, is the ones that make me a bit hesitant. In my opinion they are a little huge, because they're like boots I don't think that match the casual but red carpet deserve look. But let's be honest, it's definitely a thing you see Cameron wear and in a daily basic.
Rate: 3/5

Harry Shum Jr.

However, in this case the boots match is TCA look. A bit more stylish but at the same time 'dark'.
Starting with the positive things, in general I like the all outfit. The trousers really gives him the fashion side just like the boots, we see that he can put together trousers (not jeans) with 'constructor' boots, which is amazing. The t-shirt gives a more chill look. But is it the right one for TCA carpet? I don't think so... Why? The colours are too dark for the event. It is supposed to be a funny colourful event, it's more for teens. we want good vibes. and the colors just don't match. But match him definitely.
Rate: 3/5

John Stamos

Old man, hun? Yea, but he has one of the best looks in my opinion, if not, the best.
I only have positive things to say about it, honestly! The shirt really do justice to him. Give him the more adult style, but as well the fashion side. Same as the trousers with the belt that give that little pop of colour, light and dark. About the shoes are the right thing to wore, it's practical, light weight, seem comfortable, everything. But anything will be as perfect, for the case, if it wasn't the colours, He just nailed it! Oh, and on the shirt, the buttons off really do an attractive look ahah.
Rate: 5/5

Jordan Doww

Original isn't it? Geez, is so different for we are used to see, and I like that.
The first things that automatically kept my eye was the pattern on the trousers and the tie. The fact is both things makes the outfit what it is, original. I really like the college geek style, with the roll up on the bottom, the shirt with a tie. And then the leather jacket like a bad boy. Surprisingly both styles match. And to soft it up some simple converse, good. The only that always bothering me a bit is the colours I would like to something more summer!
Rate: 4/5

Matthew Daddario

That is the type of thing a like to see a teenager wearing, a really beachy, casual look.
Apart from the shoes, the piece of clothes are really simple and casual what I like to see him wearing, it really a thing a see him wearing and highlights him, even the sunglasses give him a chill vibe ahah. The bomber jacket helps to put everthing together, and more teen look. But, please agree with me, the thing that gives him the card to the red carpet is the elegant shoes, they're so beachy but fashionable as well, amazing,
Rate: 4/5

Nash Grier

Let's be real here, I like Nash, but this is just a lazy, "I don't care" outfit. He could do a lot better.
The only thing that I like is the boots, it match the party in some kind of way. But then you have the ripped jeans and t-shirt at same time, it's too much. I get the ripped jeans look and if it was just that I would appreciate but then... The t-shirt I like the fact that have Minnie and Mickey because it's a fun even, teens duh, but inside the jeans and ripped no thank you, sorry. Well, at least is hair looks good. And just don't get it his choice of clothing.
Rate: 2/5

Ross Lynch

This outfits, were one of the ones that kept me really thinking about him. Have some pieces of summer, but some bad choices in between.
Unlike Nash, this boots just don't fit on his outfit, one of the bad choices, I would prefer a more simple and casual shoe, like Matthew or just converse. However, I think the shirt was a great catch. it calls Summer! That colours and pattern are really pretty, good one. But then you have the trousers that are good on the outfit but is not right for his age. Something more simple, like some jeans would be preferable. And that hair? Sorry...
Rate: 2/5

That was it! I think my opinions on the guys were best but I don't know.
As you could see my favourite outfit was John Stamos one, but I want to know which is your favourite!
Fact: I'm listening to Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine Dragons and loving it. Oh and I went to Suicide Squad Premiere yesterday, VIP, do you want a update about that? Maybe...

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx