FREE Things You Can Do In The Summer!

Hellooo! Welcome back gorgeous :)
As I said in the previous post here it's a new post, a bit late but it's once a week.
By the tittle you may think like, "you already done a post similar to this, why again?" And, I'm gonna answer. As I reviewed the other post, I felt like that it's unrealistic! Like anyone does that, or may don't even have the possibility to do it.
So, here it's realistic things you can do on summer, for free!


One of the most basic things you can do is read! It's so easy, and can cosume you a lot of time if you are really liking the book. You probably thinking that isn't that free if you have to buy books, the thing is you can borrow from someone or from the library or you even can find out some hidden books in your house! You never know... 
Also, I know that not everyone loves read books, but you can also read comics, or jornals, magazines, all that kind of stuff, since all of them do, almost, the same. Which is, expand your mind, your knowledge, can help you see the world with different eyes. And makes an extraordinary thing that is can teleport you to another dimension in your imagination! *-*
Oh, if you want it, I can write a post about books the ones that I like the most, or the ones I want to read...Tell me in the comments bellow if you want :)
And all of that leads to the next thing...

This one, I can totally understand that is not for everyone, but if you're one that really like to do it but don't occasionally does it, take some time for yourself and do some writing, you can write about whatever you want! Maybe you will write a story, or just something expressing your feelings, you can even finish write a music, just let your open minded and new knowledge guide you!
To be honest, I do that a lot, and it's fantastic :)

If you're feeling more energetic, or in the mood to do some more creative you can cook! Do some desserts for the family, you can prepare a meal and invite all your friends in and have a catch up talk :) You can even just cook for yoursel, do something you wanna to but never had the courage to! Or do some cake and decorate him! Or call your friends and bake together it's always fun :)

Have a night/day in
Speaking of friends, what about a pj's party with your best girls? It is always fun to watch a scary movie with her, play some games, do makeup to each other, eat a lot of junk food... And mostly have a good time, with too much laugh! Of course you can do all of that alone, but it feels better with friends :)
Also,  day in alone is better, because you can do a spa day for you. Honestly I like to do that a lot, it feels so good, and refreshing. Graceful! You can do some face masks, manicure, pedicure, relax watching a serie, eat some natural ice cream. All that good and fresh stuff :3 

Learn a new thing!
Remember that one thing that you always wanna to learn, remember? The time for you to do it as arrived! And what better time than summer, when you have a lot of free time? 
Yea! One of the things that I definitely recommend you to try is, learn something! For example, about 1 year and half ago I'm trying to learn how to play the guitar, so why not focus now? That's something I'm gonna keep on my mind :)

Do some exercise
But if you feel like doing something more energetic, more time consume and good result, you can try do some workout, since it's bikini season you want to be in your best. So get a callendar from a professional trainer, I recommed Cassey Ho, you can search at  youtube, and do it! It's so simple and you don't even need to think about what to do, it's just "do it"! And you can do indoor or outdoors :)

Visit your city
Finally, the most attractive thing you have so close to you, is your TOWN! Visit your city, I'm absolutely sure that you didn't have seen most of the things that your city provides you :) And I'm sure it's a lot. So go for a walk alone, with family or even friends, and just enjoy the nature, the sky, the parks, the architecture of the houses... Exist so many beautiful things outside, so go out of your house and explore the world, you don't need money for that!

And that was it guys! Thank god I posted, and I did something different than do some fashion looks or talk about makeup :) Anyways, again tell me in the comments bellow if you want me to do a post talking about books, or nah? Any recommendations,  btw?

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx