Madrid, Spain Haul

Helloooo! Welcome back, finally! Are you excited?! Because, I am :)
You wanna know why? Because today's post it's a HAUL! But not just any haul, is one from my trip to Madrid! I  quite did some shopping, like two weeks ago so, I decided to show you :)


I'm gonna present to you the things, store by store because it makes a lot easier and organize, and also kind of, in the order I bought :)

I bought this cutie little water bottle from "Font Vella" with Anna in the bottle, just too cute. I wasn't gonna show you this but, whatever...

This so comfortable shorts. It looks like is for pajamas or to exercise but I'm definitely not gonna wear this to any of that things but to go out, they're awesome, smooth, warm in the right term, plus it's one-size! Cost me 14€

A lot of makeup! So I'm gonna start with my Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Blush Palette in Golden Sugar. I haven't tried it yet, but it have 8 phenomenal colors, 6 of them with golden reflects and the other ones are more for contour... Oh and the first one I think it's perfect for highlight :) Was 9€

Next, was my Maybeline ColorSensational Matte Lipstick in 930-Nude Embrace, again I haven't tried this one, but I have high expections since I love the creamy ones from the same collection. Was, half of the price here in Portugal so, 5€.

Last, and finally I bought a Eyelash Curler, the Lasharazzi Eyelash Curler from UBU. Ohhhh, and this I already tried and it's on point, it curles the lashes perfectly and you don't have do press too hard. Cost 5€

First, just let me say that the Primark from Gran Vía have 4 floors, how crazy is that? Like, WOW! It's extremely beautiful.
Returning to the point, I bought 3 things. First of them was a new blender sponge, something similar to a beauty blender ahah, I already had one so I know it's good but since my oldest was too much dirty I decided to buy another one. Only 1,50€

Second, was a iPhone case because, let's be honest, I only have two, and one is all black, the other is not pratical so I needed one. And these one is the hard one, not the rubberish ones... Again, only 1,50€

Lastly, I bought some new sunglasses, and not because I'm obessesed or I need new ones, but just because I already had saw them in Portugal and fell in love, but I didn't bought them so when I saw them in Madrid I had to bought, plus they have a beautiful marble pattern, and gold ;) Cost 4€.

I bought two things - One lipstick and a concealer.
Let's start with the lipstick and is the NYX Mat Rouge à Lèvres in MLS21 Butter. I can't say much about it, just because it still closed, I haven't tried so... But I can tell you that have like a brownish shade, it's a nude. Was 7,90€

Now, the concealer, is the NYX Gotcha Covered Couvrance Totale (waterproof) in GCC04 Medium (Moyen). The same previous story, so I just hope it's good because it really seems like it, fingers crossed. Cheap, just 6,90€

A new store for me to be honest, but it's similar to brandy melville, but I think is more rustic and rose brownish ;)
By that you may already know, it's a piece of clothing, but now is a crop top :) He have a weird but at the same time really good material it's like "animal skin" - it's difficult to explain, but you'll shall see... The color is a rose brown - ma color - and it's plain with just a little detail in the bottom left, a heart with DA in brown. A bit expensive, 16€

I bought this surprise thing on airport, but you can definitely buy on sephora. 
And it's another concealer but this one is my PRECIOUS, because it's the NARS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER - Medium 1 Custard 1234. I haven't tried but it's not because I'm not excited because I am, but if I start using now he may dry and I haven't used it all, since I have other ones, so I just want to wait a little bit. I heard so much about it so it better be really good cause it cost me around 27€; 1€ less than in sephora.

That's it guys, it's not anything out of this world, but I thought you would like to know what I bought there. Be ready for the next post because it's another about Madrid ;)
Also, have you read, I haven't tried many of these things so if you want a post me reviewing these products just let me know in the comments bellow <3

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx