Peaceful Night

Hellooo there! How is everything?
I'm gonna be honest you, in these days I really don't feel like posting, but is not because I don't want to write, because really do (but I'm more into reading now), is just I don't have new ideas is always the same damn thing, which is makeup, look, essentials... And I want something new in here!
Probably, this isn't the newest thing ever, but it's a little bit different from I usually do.

I know, for some people, it's really difficult go to bed and have a good night sleep, to be honest it can be hard for me sometimes. So, I have here, only for you, some tips/routine about what you can do, to relax, smile, feel good with you and sleep peacefully.

  • Firstly, if I am in a really bad mood, or anxious (nervous...), I like to take a shower before I have dinner so, I can relax my muscles and think clearly. Still, before dinner, but after shower I do my skin care routine {If you want to know let me know in the comments :)}
  • So, as predictable a have dinner, something simple, and light because I don't wanna feel full, heavy, and also because I like to have a midnight snack.
  • After dinner, I probably go to my computer to see my social media, tweet a little bit, start doing a post.. Or if I'm not in doing that I probably go watch some TV, something that cheers me up :) 
  • When it's kind of 10:30p.m I go for my midnight snack, which is a cup of tea (any that you like, but I recommend chamomile tea, it's great to relax your spirit) and some gluten free cookies. While I'm eating I like to watch a comedy serie on my computer, in my case is "Two and a Half Men" but you choose what you want.

  • When If think it's enough, and it's kind of late, I get ready to go to bed, I prepare everything for the next day, and go to under the sheets. Before I think of sleep I do two last thing.
  • One, I go to my phone I stay a little on snapchat & instagram, and play a bit on my games :) Because it's fun, and makes you smile, am I right?  Then, when I get exhausted of my phone (mostly because the wi-fi sucks at my room) I start reading.
  • To be honest, in my usually routine I don't really like to read before sleeping because I'm not 100% concentrated in the story, so I prefer in the morning or in the end of the afternoon, but in these cases I like, suprisingly. You can read any book of your choice. In my case, I'm reading "The Girl On The Train".

  • Occasionally, I already sleepy so I go rest, but if I'm done of reading and I'm not ready to sleepy I just watch some tv.

TIP: In the morning when you wake up, SMILE! You will feel happier for the rest of your day.

That's it guys! And yes, is me in the photo :D I know it's a little bit shorter, but it's what I wanna, so you get to see, is no need much to have a good night :)
Again, tell me in the comments if you want me to do a post about my skin care routine (night, day or both). *-*

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx