What I got for Christmas

HELLOOOOO! How's everyone?

Ok,ok, first of all, CONGRATS for me, because finally I have the time to post! And it's the first post of 2016!
I was supposed to have post this in 2015 but, I didn't had all the gifts yet, but now I don't know of some of them, so, I'm only gonna show you the ones I could find.

So Without further a do, Let's Start

The first present is a bag from Deeply [it have a country look], and a pack of delicious chocolates.

Then, I received two CD's from Shawn Mendes, the album, deluxe, and the EP.

The last ones, was a ton of makeup. Such as two nail polishes, one from essence [the white one], and the other one from Kiko, two lipsticks from Nyx [Thea, and Zurich], a mascara [Maybeline] and last an eyeshadow from Kiko [I don't remember the name, but is a light pink]

The rest of my presents was, almost, all money, chocolates...

So, this was my post, I hope it was enough for the first of the year! Of course I have so much more coming, but I only will be posting them once a week :) SO, BE EXCITED!
Oh, and if you want me, again, to do a review of my gifts, please tell me in the coments bellow ;)

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx