15th Birthday

Hello! How are you all?
And now the post, which is about my birthday, that happened on December 21st!!
I'm gonna be honest, It wasn't the best birthday ever, I done others that was better than this one but, this still is important :)
So, I'm gonna show some of my presents because I still don't receive everyones presents... And talk a little about my day, that wasn't anything crazy c:

I started my birthday on midnight when all my family told me "Happy Birthday" and offer me the gifts :)

#1 Gift - Penguim Mug

#2 Gift - Paco Rabanne Olympea Kit

#3 Gift - Naked Basics

And for that night was all, we just spent talking and discussing about my birthday and about my presents :)

The Sun Rised, and with that my sister got sick so I didn't spend the day with her, but early in the morning it was time for another gift, maybe you probably already know what it's but I don't mind say it again ahah! I DID MY TATTOO!

#4 Gift - Arrow Tattoo

I not gonna talk about how was doing her, because is not about that this post is about, so if you want to know tell me in comments and I may do one :D

After that I went home and just had a small lunch with my incredible fam :) Oh, by the way I was wearing some Adidas Superstar Golden Rose, which were a present too.

#5 Gift - Adidas Superstar

Then I just stayed at home doing praticulary nothing, just waiting to my friends arrived at my home so we could get a dinner out together :) With that time some other person left her present in my house so I opened of course! :p

#6 Gift - "The Girl On The Train" Book {In Portuguese}

When they arrived they gave it to me their presents  and I was suprised with some :o

#7 Gift - Mary Kay Mascara and Lipstick 

#8 Gift - Tezenis Perfume + Bouquet

#9 Gift - Kiko Lipstick

After that opening presents season, we all went to the underground and went to Marquês de Pombal to get dinner in the "The Great American Disaster" which I went quite a times ahah. And we just had some fun eating, talking, making silly memories and most important eating the cake after we sang the "Happy Birthday" song :)

And that's it guys! Again, tell me in comments bellow if you want me to do a review about some of my presents, mostly makeup and perfumes stuff :)
I had an amazing night and that's all that matters :*

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx


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