My favourites

Hellooo! How are you gorgeous people?

Since I'm girl, and we are obessessed with lots of things, I decided to bring 10 things I'm absolutely loving, and I totally recommend. Some are a little bit expensive others really cheap, but all are worth it.
And I promise that, all this things will give you a good mood (for the girls) ;)

Let's start! 

#1 - Olay regenerist cleansers

I bought this cleanser, to be honest, by accident. Because I needed a exfoliant and a cleanser, and the Olay at Continente (where I bought) was on sale, and I saw this one that do the two things! How amazing is that?! And the product really does! After use this, my skin feels so soft like baby's butt ahah :) And only cost 6euros!

#2 - MeMeMe -Blush Me!

The blush came with a brush, and a mirror glued to the box, cool :) 
The shade is Rouge, and I bought at Maquillalia, was 6euros, as well ! The blush have a little bit of shimmer, and is super pigmented, which sometimes is good, because you use so little of the product. It gives you a natural look, and stays the all day :)

#3 - Kiko - Lasting Gel Eyeliner

And it truly last! More than a day if you want, and even if you cry or sweat in a really hot day of summer it remains intact! Something a totally love, and it gives you a matte look in the final *-*
It's from Kiko, and cost me around 5euros.
To apply the eyeliner I use the next product:

#4 - Zoeva Brush

The brush is specially to do the eyeliner, is the 317/Wing Liner and it definitely works, is very practical, and the bristles are thin and resistent, which give as the absolutely control:)
I bought at Maquillalia, but the brand is Zoeva, and was a really bit expensive around 7euros.

#5 - Kiko - Lipstick

The lipstick is from the collection Unlimited Stylo - 013, and these ones you apply as a normal one, but you wait 30 secs and they turn matte! LOVE IT, and it stays like 8/10 hours even if you eat :)
The color is like a rose brown, kind of a nude, and similar to the Kylie Jenner.
Is from Kiko, and cost me 6,90 euros :) But sometimes they're on sale.

#6 - Perfume - Jimmy Choo

This is actually from my mom, I just love the smell, is not sweet neither florar, is a fresh scent, my favourites ahah! This one is the Eau toillete.
And the scent is really strong, and stays on your clothes until you washed them :p
I bought at Sephora, and was like 50euros.

#7 - Denim Jacket 

As you can, definitely, see is a oversized demin jacket which are so in style right know, and it really warms you, praticular now in the fall that is not really cold!
The denim is like a washed denim but match with everything literally :)
Is from Pull&Bear, ad was 36euros. Make me feel so little, more than I am :p

#8 - Adele Single

I've been listening to her music "Hello" almost all the time. I think the music really pop her up, put her back on the track :p 
It's so gorgeous and emotional, is like you feel every single word she sings.
If you don't know or listen you should! 

#9 - 5 Seconds Of Summer Album

OMG! This album just took my life away! All the songs have is own different way, but is like they all fit together.
I love all the songs, and I listen to all of them, but I specifically like more "Jet Black Heart", "Vapor", "Castaway" and of course "Broken Home". Who doesn't love the last one right? ahah
I totally recommend their new album, is so different from what they used to do, but I think this album show what they truly are! *-*

#10 - Spartacus Serie

I watch every single one, I totally love all, but the "Gods of the Arena" catch my eye, I don't why *Gannicus*! And lucky me, it start play again at Fox. and know I'm addicted.
And don't recommend to everyone, only the strong ones, because have lots of blood and strange things, and people that like history because it have some!
Gladiators are so sexy, I want one for my self ahah *-*

And these ones were my 10 favourites at the time. 
Tell me in comments bellow if you tried/watch/wore any of these things and tell me your opinion :)

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx