Vogue Fashion Night Out


Ok guys, I'm a little excited for this post because it's about fashion and like important stuff because it's Vogue, let's be real ahah.

But without further to do, let's start 

On Friday, after a long morning/day,  I went to Vogue Fashion Night Out with my mom and my sister.

This event started at 7p.m and finished at 11p.m. I went there only at 9p.m after I had dinner and went home in the end.
This event is also known because 250 stores at the downtown are all night open, they're also having promotions, giving things {like drinks, food, some samples of perfumes or beauty products...}.

I didn't get anything, I just want to be there and have some fun, but more to know how it was like. So I decided to get dressed a little more chic, but casual too. So I thought of Vogue and the brand remind me of black and white so I decided wear this to colors. {There is me on the Vogue "Red Carpet" and me and my sister} Next is my natural but stylish makeup, I though about a little bit dramatic so I done eyeliner ;)

There were a lot of people, like the all population in Lisbon ahah. It also have so many drinks, music everywhere, fashion :3 A little bit of everything!

I couldn't resist I had to take a photo of Michael Kors store. He's my favourite designer of all time, I love almost everything. It also have Louis Vitton, Gant... Which I took photo on their "Red Carpet".

I didn't had much fun like I was expected, but I'm sure that this event can give you many joy. Because it have all to make you feel happy. Just be sure to be there at 7p.m and with a group of friends, I'm sure you're gonna like it! And if you are into fashion and party it's a bonus :)

If next year this happen again I'll be there for sure, I hope you too !

Comment bellow if you were there too, and your opinion about Vogue Fashion Night Out!

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx