Back to school: Wardrobe essentials

Hellooo guys!

For today's post I'll talk about wardrobe essentials for school something that you MUST have, so I hope you saved some money because you may have to do some shopping x)

Let's start  

  • Basic Tops -  They are just perfect for school, or for everything. They fit perfectly with everything and you can always throw one on and look fine, you can too, put a statment and look more composed.
  • Shirts - Flannel, and demin, look so nice with basic tops and sometimes can be a acessorie or you can use them when is just a little bit cold.  Simple shirts with high waisted jeans look so put together and beautiful too :)
  •  Sweaters/Jumpers/Knitwears - Most of the school time is winter so this types of clothing are so comfortable, warm, stylish and look amazing with anything {leggings, jeans...}
  • Cardigans - Clothing like this are awesome for school time, because they're super chill, comfortable and warm, which make you look good and you feel the same way.
  • Basic Jeans - These are the MUST! Black ones and denim ones fit so well with anyone, they're super basics which you can wear with anything and you feel super awesome and chill out.
  • Outerwear Jackets - When it's a rainy day they're a essential to keep you dry and still warm. And you even have the leather and denim jackets that look incredible with everything {Basics again x)}
  • Acessories - I'm not saying anything in particular because depends on the person, but use something basic, what you normaly use on a simple day, nothing lunatic. More, as I said school time is more in the cold time, so be sure to have some gloves, beanies and scarves in your closet.
  • Sneakers - What can I said, sneakers are awesome, and look absolutely cool with anything. With sneakers everything looks more comfy and sportive, which is the nicest look for school.
  • Boots -  Because they're cozy, easeful, they're great for the winter/rainy days and stylish. Also black/brown, mostly, fits well with everything.

These is my wardrobe essentials, if I forgot something please tell me :) And be sure to comment bellow what is your must wardrobe essential for school, ok? I think mine is the sneakers, just saying ahah x)

Remember, "Everyday is a new beginning"

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya all soon!

Carole xx