Back to school: Study Hacks

As you probably know the first week of school is over, the presentation is over and now starts the real thing! You better start study! If you are like me and you want good grades and you're at high school we better start doing something :)

So, as I said is the end of the firts week so I'm ending my "Back to School" serie, is this last post, about Study Hacks.
Something that we all should know, right?

Without further to do, let's start 
#1 Study Hack - Speak Out Loud Instead of Simply Reading
Although this may make you look a little crazy, give it a go! You will be surprised how much more you can remember when you’ve said it out loud. Warning: Don’t try this in a crowded library!

#2 Study Hack - Reward Yourself With A Treat
There are many ways to integrate a reward system into your study habits. Here’s a simple way to motivate yourself to study with Gummy Bears:

#3 Study Hack - Teach What You Have Learned
The best way to test if you really understand something is to try to teach it to someone else. If you can’t get anyone to listen to you explain, why not teach a class of stuffed animals!

#4 Study Hack - Creat Flashcards for Quick Memory Buzz
Quickly test your knowledge of key concepts, definitions, quotes and formulas with flashcards.

#5 Study Hack - Take Regular Study Breaks
When your brain is working, you need to take regular study breaks to help your brain absorb more information but also to keep you motivated and focused when you are working.

#6 Study Hack - Listen to the Correct Type of Music
The correct types of music can lead to more productive studying by elevating your mood.

#7 Study Hack - Don't Stay Up All Night Before an Exam
Make sure to get adequate rest the nights leading up to your exams. When you sleep, your brain assimilates the information you have learned when studying so getting a good night’s sleep will help you remember those pesky maths formulas you need for your exam!
Don’t make this your sleep schedule:
I hope all of this studies hacks help you, but if you have any questions, something you didn't understand please tell me, and I'll try explain to you. 
If you try any other things from the "Back to school" serie please send me photos for my social media and use the hashtag #BraveForSchool :)
I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}
And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx