Back to school: Outfit ideas for the 1st day

Helloooooooo guys!

I'm here with a new post and, again, is for the "Back to school" serie, but I think this time is the most waiting and interesting post, because it's about OUTFITS!
I did five, all with different styles, because I know that anyone have the same style, so I thought doing different ones. Of course, you don't need to buy just use what you already have, and what is similar :) One more idea, if you like more then one, you can unite the both styles or you can use one in one day and the other outfit in another day :)

                                              But without further to do, let's start 

#1 Outfit - Casual 
This is the kind of outfit that suit everyone, and everyone likes. It's cozy, comfortable and still stylish.

For this outfit I use:
. Necklace - Primark
. CropTop - Primark
. Cardigan - Primark
. Jeans - Bershka
. Sneakers - Nike

#2 Outfit - Sportive
I know that some people are very sportive and classic, like don't wanna do much, so this is away to be stylish too.

The clothes are from:
. CropTop - Pull&Bear
. Flannel Shirt - New Yorker
. Leggings - Decathlon/Domyos
. Shoes - Primark

#3 Outffit - Girly
I didn't forget you girly girls out there! I have to admit that this was the most difficult to me, because my style isn't at all like this, but... This is not the most comfortable outfit, is definitely pratical, and girly x)

Just in case you wanna know:
. Necklace - C&A
. T-shirt - Primark
. Belt - C&A
. Skirt - H&M
. Boots - Stradivarius

#4 Outfit - Soft Grunge
I'm obesessed with this style, and I'm really into it so I have to do it one ahah. This is, still, comfortable, with big clothes but can be really put together. You have to try !

For this outfit I used:
. CropTop - H&M
. Belt - Primark
. Jeans - Pull&Bear
. Sneakers - Nike

#5 Outfit - Rock Chic
This is the last one, to be honest I didn't planned to do this one, but I'm glad I did because turn out great :) If you are a little bit rock, and you want to show more skin and be more ruff, I did a special outfit for you that is more chic ;)

If you are curious about my clothes:
. Necklace - Primark
. CropTop - Tally Weijl
. Cardigan - Primark
. Shorts - Bershka
. Boots - Dr. Martens

And this is my five outfits for school I hope I did something for your type of style, and tell me in the comments bellow what is your favourite :) I think mine is the #4 - Soft Grunge I'm really into that style ahah.
If you try or if you wear any of this outfits please send me some pic for my social media and use the hashtag #BraveForSchool even if you try any other things from the "Back to school" serie :)

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx