Back to school: Feminine essential

Hellooo! How you doin'?

Today's post will be about women's essential, but of course, men can always take some ideas from here.
This list have 3 parts: Feminine stuff, general and a little bit of makeup.

Without further to do, let's start  

1. Bag - To keep all of that products and stuff in one place, and for anyone to see some private things :) You can choose a necessaire, a makeup or a little small bag.

Feminine Stuff

2. Pads - Pack regular and heavy ones. To keep you clean and more comfortable during the day, even prepared.

3. Panty Liners - For everyday wear or light protection.

4. Panty - In case your period happens at school.

5.  Plastic Bag - To hold any soiled clothes.

6.  Feminine Wipes (optional) - Having a period can make you feel yucky. Quick clean up and fresh feeling.

7. Mini Calendar or Period Tracker App (optional) - Just to give you a way to track your cycle.

8. Nail File - I think it's safe to say that chipped nails drive most girls crazy. x)

9. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins -  You never know when a bad hair day will strike, or you like to use them up even when you want your hair out of your face.


1. Compact Powder - We girls like to have all our makeup set-up, so it's a must.

2. Mascara - Sometimes, you're running of time or you forget or just to touch up.


1. Snack - Who doesn't need some food? Pick something that won't melt or make a mess.

2. Pain Reliever - For cycle aches, cramps, and general headaches.

3. Lip Balm - To prevent chapped and cracked lips, and who can concentrate at school when your lips hurt.

4. Soleil Shaver - You know why, sometimes we just forget to shave some parts of our body so it's kind of necessary.

5. Tissue - For sneezes, running noses even bloody noses. It's always a good idea to have tissue.

6. Travel Size Hair Brush - To tame unruly hair. You never know when a selfie moment may pop-up. :p

7. Oil Blotters - Teens almost always have oil skin (not me :3), so to keep you prevent oil build-up and shine, use some os this.

8. Travel Size Deodorant - Changing hormones and bodies often come with teen funk.

9. Hand Sanitizer - We all know how can dirty a school can be, mainly the toilets.

10. Gum or Mints - It's not cute to have bad breath.

Be sure to keep everything of this list when you go to school, will help you so much.
Comment bellow, what is your biggest essential, ok? Mine is definitely lip balm, ahah :)

Remember, "Everyday is a new beginning"

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya all soon!

Carole xx