Back to school: Easy Hairstyles

Hellooooo! Welcome back to my blog :)

This time, I will continue writting about "Back to school" but this time, is for your hair. Some simple, easy and go with everything hairstyles.
I'll give you 5, because these are the most that I use, and I like simple stuff :)

 Let's start 

#1 Hairstyle - Messy Bun
I think buns are so boring, and this is like an other version more cute and interesting. At first  can seems a little, too much, messy but forget about that, it looks good! I usually use this in the days when I'm having a bad hair day.

#2 Hairstyle - Half up Half down Bun
 I tried this hairstyle last week and just absolutely in love! It's so simple and beautiful, for that days when you want some fashion but pratical.

#3 Hairstyle - Half up Half down Pony Tail
As you can see this hairstyle is really similar to the previous one but I think this is more elegant, as more stylish. I love this one and is my all time fave! I wore almost everyday. :)

#4 Hairstyle - Half crown/ One piece twist
I wear this when I have P.E because it's simple, easy and quick ! And you can still change in a minute. You can use also when you don't wanna some hairs in your face/eyes.

#5 Hairstyle - Pony Tail
This is a normal ponytail, simple, quick and have a little bit of fashion on it! You can use this one also in your bad hair days, but don't use when your hair is oily, it will look gross. I use even when I have some formal days. Oh if you want a cute touch use a crunchie :)

And this is my five easy hairstyles for school I hope I did something that you like, and tell me in the comments bellow what is your favourite :) Mine is the #2 - Half up Half down Bun I'm really into it ahah.
If you try or if you used any of this hairstyles please send me some pic for my social media and use the hashtag #BraveForSchool even if you try any other things from the "Back to school" serie :)

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx