My workout callendar

Hello :) How ya doing?

Ok, for this post I'm gonna talk about something that worries most of the girls! Our weight and the muscles (not) toned.
I'm gonna be honest and tell you that this two things worries me, because I wanna be skinny and have toned muscles. Who doesn't?

So I'm gonna show my workout for this month.
As always, for each month I choose a goal. Like, toned my abs or my butt, loose weight, etc...
This month I choose toned my abs, so I search for good workouts and I found this:

30 days abs challenge, what's more great then this? Almost nothing, right?

But I thought that this was too easy for me, and it's little, so I pick up another exercise but this time for ALL the body, something that helps a lot, because your doing everything. So it's the video, from Cassey Ho, if you want to check out or even more, try it!
She's an amazing person, and an amazing "personal" trainer, you're gonna love it :)

And If you want little much of trainning here is a quick warm up from her too :) {I don't do this one}

And, that's it guys here is my August workout callendar, hope you try it, and if you do let me know in the comments or in any social media {In the right} using the hashtag #FeelGoodAboutYourself

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!

Carole xx