My new obsession!

Hellooo! How you guys doin'?

This time I decided to write a post about music, in this case, about a recent band that I found and I'm completely in love!

They're called THE TIDE!

They are a Los Angeles band, they're ages is between 17-19 and they were signed to The Vamps new Label with EMI Universal.

About the members {respectively to the photo above}:
Drew Tilanus Dirksen (born September 30, 1997) plays the lead guitar and sings backing vocals. Drew and Nate Parker went to school together and knew each other first out of the entire band. They were in a band named All The Above previously from 2013 and had a few songs published. He have one younger sister named Kacey Ann and his parents are Stephen and Tina Dirksen and he was born in Ohio.

Levi Matthew Jones (born November 21, 1997) plays the bass guitar and sings backing vocals. Before joining The Tide, he was in a band named ‘Almost Adults’, and as a group, they posted covers of songs on YouTube. Jones also had his own YouTube channel 'Levi Jones Music' and posted covers there. They involve many different music genres. He have a twin brother named Logan, and also has a younger sister called Lily Bea and he was born in Pennsylvania.

Nathaniel "Nate" Abraham Parker (born September 26, 1997) in Ohio, plays the drums and sings backing vocals. He have one younger sister named Madison and an older brother named Christian.

Austin Anthony Corini (born December 26, 1995) plays the guitar and sings lead vocals. Before The Tide formed, he uploaded covers on YouTube on his channel, covering various artists. Austin was a contestant on X Factor USA 2012. He was eliminated as a solo artist but was revealed to be placed with other eliminated contestants in a group named Playback. Sadly, Playback were eliminated by Simon Cowell in the judge's’ house round. The Vamps knew Corini first out of the band and were friends with him. He has two older brothers Christian and Devan and a sister named Jayden and was born in Los Angeles.

At the moment they're opening The Vamps concerts. They only have two originals and the rest are covers.

They're most recent cover is the Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye

But my favourites are One Direction -  Drag me down, Shawn Mendes - Stitches and Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance.

Here is one of their originals songs in acoustic. Falling In Love Tonight!

Here it's their Youtube Channel, in case you didn't pay attention:

Ok, and yeaa, this is definitely one of my new obsessions. I'm so addicted to their voices, covers even their styles ;) 
Levi is mine, sorry not sorry :D

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya beauties!

Carole xx