OOTW: Summer

Hello! How are you today?

Today's post will be a little different that I usually do. It will a Outfit Of The Week: Summer, where I show you all of my outfits of that week :)

The week will the one that I was on holidays ! I went on Friday and I left on another Friday.

Friday - The travel

I wore, a simple black high waisted jeans (Bershka), a white crop top t-shirt (Primark), a camel fedora (Stradivarius), and for the shoes I wore some simple and comfortable toms :)


I wore a simple black romper with some lace on the bottom (SheIn), some black sandals with a skull (Calçado Guimarães) and for acessories, a really colorful necklace from the Katy Perry Collection (Claire's)


This day I went to a more fancy restaurant so I wore fancy clothes, like that black maxi skirt (Bershka), a white lace crop top off the shoulders (Bershka), and a high heels sandals (Seaside).


The next day, I went again to another fancy restaurant near the "beach" so, I wore some aquamarine shorts (Forever21), a belt with pikes (Primark), a floral lace crop top (Tally Weijl) and a plastic sandals with some glitter (local store).


Then, on tuesday I wore one of my favorites summer outfits. On this simple look I wore a high waisted shorts (Bershka), a red crop top of the shoulders with some ruffles (Bershka) and for the shoes, camel lace toms :)


Next, I only wore one floral romper (H&M) and high heels sandals (Seaside)


The day before the travel, I wore a really cute t-shirt, with an alien (BrandyMellvile), the same high waisted shorts (Bershka), and, you see me on socks, but I wore the toms :)


Last day, I wore a cool rural outfit. Like a high waisted ligh shorts (Bershka), a white simple crop top (Primark), a kimono with a really cool pattern (SheInside). For the acessories again my camel fedora (Stradivarius) and for the shoes my converse, all stars !

And that is it, my OOTW. :)

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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