Exams 2015

Hello! How are you today? Hopefully, smiling :)

This post, is gonna be a little post, just about the exams that I done in June {9th grade}, but I only knew the resullts now, so I'm only writting now, ahah :)

The exams, here in Portugal, were really easy, of course that were some tricky questions and some difficult ones, but nothing like over the moon.

One the portuguese exam, came out only one excerpt of classics, and the others texts were really easy. The grammar were, to me, the most difficult parte, but with some study we can I have donne that... And didn't have none of that questions that you have to write like so much, and the final part was just to write a story!
Very easy, to me, I think anyone can do it.
My final result was {1-5} 4, corresponding to 74%

Then, the math exam, was ,again, so easy, and if you know me you know that I love Math, it's my favorite subject so...
For me, the exam had a little bit of everything.
Had that really difficult questions, and had the so easy ones, which is kinda good I think.
Here, we have the 2 parts, one with calculator, and the other one without. :c
I can't tell more, but I think it you had pay attention one the classes you didn't have to study almost nothing at home, just some revisions because of the other years... My teacher done some more difficult tests!
My final result was {1-5} 4, corresponding to 75%

So, I passed, and I go for the highschool, but 10th grade :) Here I come, and hopefully I gone have to write more stories in portuguese, because I love writting.

That's all guys, and for know I only have to say, enjoy your holidays and be prepared for the next school year!
Hope you all had great notes :)

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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