Little Maquillalia Haul

Hello! How you guys doin'?

For this post I have a little make-up haul for you :) I'm so excited about this post, because I want this stuff a long time, and really want to show you and do a review ;)

First of all, all of this things are from Maquillalia, a online store from Spain :)

To start I'm gonna show you a semi-permanent hair color cream. I bought in the color Bordeaux and the brand is the Crazy Color. This hair dye goes out when we take a bath. I really like, because with this we have an idea how it will look if we paint permanently.
Oh an advice, when the hair is dark the color don't pick up well :)

The next thing is a MakeUp Revolution Pro Go Set. Is a set that contain 4 mini brushes, a mini face brush, a mini foudation brush, a mini eyeshadow brush and a mini angled brush. The set have a travel size. It's really small.
But the brushes are so soft and they're really good :)

Next is a Makeup Revolution - Corrector Matte Effect, and Jesus, I love him so freaking much. He cover so well, and make me skin so soft and don't make irritation :)
I bought in a lighter color because I make a mistake, but now I use for corrector and highligher ;)

Then, I bought a Hean Classic Nº26, is not the best lipstick ever, but it's good for is price and have a beautiful color, a sweet red :) And the color stay for maybe, 3/4 hours.
The package is gorgeous *-*

Last thing is another lipstick, but this one is from Sleek in the color Petal, and can we take a minute to this amazing nude pink color?  Is so perfect, and I want that color for so long. 
After you put the lipstick a minute after it turns matte, so cool and it stay, maybe, 8 hours.

And I have a bonus for you, how nice is that? But this product is from Kiko, but is another lipstick.
This lipstick turns into matte too, and stay 8 hours, exactly how they say :) 
The color is like that ones that Kylie Jenner use. One of my favorite lipstick ^^

So, I really enjoy write this post, I'm proud (:

I hope you like it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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Carole xx