1ºday of BloodyNightCon 2015 #TVD

Hellooo! How you doin'?

Actually, last week I was at Barcelona for my summer holidays and to go to BloodyNightCon with my sister, because she almost forced me to go with her ahah, but now I kinda like The Vampire Diaries :3

On this post I'm only gonna talk about 1ºday of BloodyNightCon (and the day of the trip), just because if I talk about everything it'll be very long :) But Let's Start !

So, my flight was on Friday, 5th June :)
I had to wake up SO EARLY! My flight was only at 9am, but we need to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight for check-in and stuff, and we still have the ride from my house to the airport and getting ready so yeah, I had to wake up at 3am :x
Well, you can probably imagine that I didn’t sleep much. Because I was too excited and, because I only went to bed at midnight :x
So, yeah… When we arrived at the airport we still had time to visit some shops and stuff and we FINALLY went to the victoria secret’s store and ZAYUUM! I want all of their perfumes *-* They all smell incredibly good! 

Anyway.. Let’s get on with stuff..
The flight was good and soon we were in BARCELONA!
We arrived there we got a taxi to the apartment but we got it kinda wrong so we had to ask for another taxi xD Kinda messy but we got there! ahah
The apartment was pretty cool, at least for me.. My mum didn’t like it that much. She was expecting it to be better...
Then, we went to the grocery shop to get something for lunch.
After that, we rested a little bit on the apartment because, we were tired from the flight and from the non-sleeping that night...
Around 6pm we went to check where the Hotel where the Con was going to be were. 
It ended up being really close to our apartment. Like, 10 minutes walking :P

So, since the hotel was pretty close to the train station and it had a BUNCH of stores and McDonalds, so we got some ice creams and waited on McDonalds until it was time for registration.
At 7.30pm me and my sister went to the registration, which is when we get out physical pass and all the extras that we got.
Me and my sister just got a Normal Pass and I didn’t even got any extra, because I'm not a TVD person, but my sister is so she got a lot, and lot of stuff. 
 {If you want to know the side of the story, how was to her the Con, just go to: danixinhahhh.tumblr.com }

After that we got our dinner and we went back to the hotel because, still tired xD And besides, the next day we had to wake up early...


6th June came! and I was pretty normal, excited but not nervous. :)
I got ready pretty fast in the morning and around 9.50am we were on our way to the hotel (me and my sister). We were afraid we were going to arrive there late, but it turned out we arrived just in time and we even had to wait a little bit longer because they were late xD
Finally, the con started, around 30 minutes late but, WHO CARES xD
First came the ‘presenter’. And then, all the guests came to the stage. Apart from Kat, because she just attended the 2nd day of the con :P

After that, it was Ian Somerhalder’s Panel :)
Seriously, Ian isn’t anything that you think he is. I mean, I’ve already watched some episodes of TVD, and I was kinda expecting him to be like that but, he is nothing like Damon. Apart from the sassyness :P But he talks a lot about the environment, the animal killing, about changing the world and all that stuff and… It is good the fact that he is like that, but it started to annoy me a little bit … Anyways, it was cool, and you can clearly see that he cares about his fans and the fans of the show so, it’s great! :D

After Ian’s panel it was time for Michael Malarkey’s panel. He's very chilled, a great person too, but he isn’t as caring and passionate as Ian. He still is one of my favourites and I loved asking him a question but he doesn’t really show up his emotions. He was really funny and, even tho his accent isn’t as the one he has in the series, his accent is still AMAZING! And He said "Hello Gorgeous"

After Michael, it was time for Chase and I was thinking ‘ who the hell is Chase?’. Well, my sister told me he played Oliver in the Originals. Even tho I didn't know him, I was really excited to see his panel, because he's kinda of hot. He is an amazing person and he really doesn’t have idea how much he like him and how much we apreciate his work :) Besides being an actor, he also is an amazing singer and part of his panel was like a concert :) He played some songs and it was super cool! Love his voice! :D

And next it was time for Chris Wood panel! Right when he got on stage so many people ran to the qeueu to ask him a question so has my sister. So I had to take most of the photos. 
Anyways, He's funny, he's nice and cool, but I don't know why all the girls are obessed with him.
We donne some funny stuffs on the stage, because of the question that the fans made to him ahah.

After Chris we had a little break so me and my sister went to have lunch at MacDonalds. It was already pretty late to have lunch, to be honest, like, around 5pm, but we weren’t really hungry before...
Then, it was time for Zach Roerig’s panel and, poor thing, he had a HUGE sunburn… His panel was pretty funny and, again, he is an amazing person! He talked a lot about his daughter and some pretty cute stuff  ^.^

And then, it was time for Ian and Michael’s panel but, instead of that, they joined Zach and it was Zach, Ian and Michael’s panel, which was pretty cool! :D But anyways, their panel was so much fun! I think was the seconds funniest panel of all weekend :D It is just so nice to see them interact together :) 

And yeah, I think that was it for that day. The best day was yet to come! :P

I hope you like it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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