5SOS Concert *-*

Hello everyone! How you doin'?

It's been a quite while, but I have an excuse guys :) These last days I've been stalking 5SOS while they were in Portugal and it was the concert, and I had a PCD (pos concert depression) so yea, but I'm here now to talk about that :)
I'm not gonna talk about the 5 days I stalked them because my sister done a vlog so here it is.

The concert was so amazing, they passed the limit. They're perfect, the concert was perfect, the sound check was perfect. Yes, I have the ticket to see the soundcheck, the money totally worth it. But unfortunately we couldn't take photos or anything else so, sorry :c 
But guys, they're just like the photos, at firts me and my sister almost think that we are seeing a youtube video. (Oh, the opening act was "Hey Violet")

{OHHH, Luke look at me, with his blue eyes, and FUCKING SMILED with his dimples! LIKE FREAKING CUTE, I almost died }

Here some photos :)

After PCD happened and… well.. The day after 5sos concert I just stayed at home, depressing, thinking about all the stuff that happened and the stuff that didn’t happen and looking into the photos that my sister took… 
It's sad, but it was one of the bests days of my life. :3

And now, one week passed after they were here, in Portugal, singing to all the portugeezers ahah x3

Byeee, see yaa!
I hope you like it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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