New Products & #MovieTime

Hello! How are you doin'?

Along these weeks, I buy some new products, the most of these are make-up but whatever...

I'm gonna tell you, what is it, and tell my opinion, like a review, ok?

So let's start c:

The first thing I'm gonna show you is a clear-up strips, from 'nivea'. To be honest I really like, and it works. It's expensive, but I think if you have to much blackheads, I think you should buy it, but if you don't have much, don't buy because, it don't deserve the price.

Next, is my new eye pencil in white, this is from essence. This eye pencil doesn't have much pigmentation, but it works for me, because I just want to have a little bit of colour, to 'open' my eye, because of the eyeliner.

This is where I keep my products, make-up... I don't have much too say about it, but I like it, and beacause it's made with plastic, it's better because don't stay dirtym and don't get holes. {It's from H&M}

This is my Lip Therapy, the brand, as you can see is Vaseline, and the flavour is Aloe Vera, and I really like, it's smooth, tastes good, and 'save' your lips.

Next is my pen eyeliner, is more easy than liquid eyeliner, because, I'm not a expert in that, not even closer. I've not try yet, so I can't tell you my opinion.

My cute little brush! Is smooth, soft, I like it! I don't know what to say... Ah! The 'hairs' of the brush does not come out, at least in large quantities! What is good.

A Lip Pen, love it! This colour, is a coral, it's a pretty colour, very smooth. You can wear anything, and use this batom. Don't have much pigmentation, but for me, it works, because I don't like with too much.

OMG! I love this powder! Guys, I recommend this to everyone. Is a little bit expensive, but it works perfectly for me, maybe because of the type of my skin... But definitely compact everything!

My actual hair mask (?), to be real, isn't my favourite, maybe second one, but I definitely prefer the pantene!
This just don't do anything to my hair. Just stay the same way.

This lotion from MyLabel, I like it! When we put on the face is really liquid, but few seconds later, is normal lotion... And smells like lemon, so good, and my face stay soft :)

Baby Lips! I love, who doesn't? Me and my sister are 'addicted' we have almost every baby lips. :) It's so hydrating c:

Two nail polishes, one in grey, another is transparent, top coat. They are from H&M, and I like it, they're good. They don't come out, right after two days, they stay for a little time, of course come out the edges, but is normal...

Finally, my curl lashes! I don't really like so much, but isn't bad at all, I think the rubber is bad :c


Ok, in 'MovieTimes' I'm really late, but I'm gonna talk about it! Idc :p

The movie I'm gonna talk about is "Epic". I know that movie is a little bit old, but I'm gonna explain to you!

So, after my holidays, a few days later, I went to a Drive-In, yes is a cinema where you see the movie inside the car... And the movie in that was Epic, so yeee...
This movie for chlidren, but to be honest I liked it :3 It is cute, is cartoons, so...
Ohh, guys you would like it :p
I don't know what to say sorry :c

I hope you like it c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!

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Carole xx