VIP Experience!

Hello! How are you doin'?

Well, what I'll gonna tell you, was ,already, been a while, but even so, I couldn't stop tell you xp

Well, on July 12th I went to Oporto because of One Direction concert ... But the concert was only the next day, and as we arrived relatively early, after lunch, we were hanging out, know a little bit of the town and went shopping, of course eheh.

The next day is giving much to talk about, it was a very good and completely crazy day in the same time :)

Anyway, I woke up very early, for me, around 8:30a.m ... As you would expected I took breakfast at the hotel and went to the subway station to go to Dragon Stadium.

When we got there, I felt so happy, but even more happy to have the VIP ticket that you can't imagine, there was so many people, it seemed the entire population of Portugal. Ok, not so much ...

But when I went to VIP's line, wasn't that there was too many people too?
After all, receiving the bracelet, the signature item, and other things we still had to wait a few hours to enter the stadium, luck is the waiting was in the shade :p

When we walked in I couldn't get the front row, but when the One Direction concert started I get the  first / second row :) Not bad!

And finally the concert started! It was amazing, I didn't cried, may seem strange, but I didn't cry. Ok, just a little on the "Moments" ...

Let's say the second or third song, the Liam gets hurt, which was a little bad, because he couldn't run around the stage and so on, but it was good for me, bc he sat in front of us and was always mess with us, until we took a picture ahah Oh, and not forgetting he said 'Hello' to me :33

Many things happened at that concert, with for example, Harry was falling, Zayn pointed to me, that Louis made ​​her grimace, made ​​their dances ... It was fantastic!

In my opinion this was much better than the other, but though the first is always that thing, right? : ')

On Monday we had to go back to Lisbon because of the Cody Simpson show! :)
If Sunday was crazy, then this my god! Imagine!

We had to hurry up pretty fast, it was all a rush because, again, we had VIP's tickets, and we were going to see the SoundCheck and meet him.

The soundcheck started around 15:30, and believe me, we (me and my sister) had so lucky, because when we arrived at the concert, we were already quite late. With some luck we managed to arrive in time for the soundcheck, which began two minutes after we arrived.
Thought to last longer sincerely, but didn't care and then the M&G! :D

Well, omg, Cody is so friendly, and dear, really, really good person :) I confess I was a little nervous, but still managed to talk a little with him :33

Yesss, I'm super tiny compared to him: $

Anyway .. At the end of the Meet & Greet we had to leave the room, I honestly thought that we stay there, but on the other side until it was very good because we were in the third row or so, and when we left we had to form again a line.
So, even being one of the last to enter and after waiting about 3 hours, got front row in the middle !!!

As always, we saw the opening band, in this case, Jackson Harris! But I have to admit that I liked, and he sings well and he's hot : 3 I have to be honest!

But then came the Cody Simpson! He really surprised me! I absolutely was not expecting, was a shock! Seriously, I was not very fan of him, and I'm now believe :p He sings so well, and plays, and dance! Omg! I do not know what to say! I really enjoyed it! It could not be better I think! :)

To be honest, I felt VIP these days ans it's a good feeling, xp!

I hope you like it c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!

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Carole xx