Perfect Sick Day: Essentials

Hello my gorgeous people!

Today I bring to you a funny and different post from what I usually see. But as I have been sick this week, I decided to "teach" you, how to have a perfect sick day!
To start that I have to show you what you gonna need, or how I mentioned on the tittle, your essentials.
However, it totally depends if you're staying at home or if you going out, so I gonna show you a mix of both :)

For your perfect sick day, you will need the most important thing ever! TISSUES! Any type of tissues, of course if you're going out I recommend the packages ones, but if you're staying home, you can have the boxes ones :)
Oh, I think you should try the ones with some kind of scent, preferably the mint ones :)

To go with that you will probably need inhalers, just wondering :p Just for you to get a clear smell and to help you not always being with a tissue on your nose what prevents him to get dry :)

But it may happend as well as your lips, because you're breathing with your mouth, so we have always a solution, which is lip balm. And I totally recommend the vaseline ones, because they are for dry skin, so you can put around the nose, and for dry lips, so it's 2 in 1 :) Another thing, the one with aloe vera is the best, and works better (for me).

Other things that come with all of this, is a sore throat, and I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE hates it, for me is the worst. It's horrible you can barely speak or eat... So to help with that, when you are staying at home, a good tea is the best choice, preferably the Honey & Lemon, or just the Lemon. But, clearly, if you don't have any you can use what you have at home, just drink something hot. {You can also do your own tea, but as you are sick we want something quick}.

But you can also be at the streets, far from home and you can't do a tea, so the best option is bring with you some lozenges, and again, I think honey and lemon are the best flavor, but it's your choice, obviously :)

This thing is more for praticular people. People like me that your eyes usually start tearing and your vision is always blurred and is really anoying, so it's good to be with you eye drops of your preference, it depends of the person, choose the ones that works best for you.

If you're staying at home I'm sure you are always craving something, or you just wanna eat, so a good choice is noodles! Chicken noodles, they're perfect, it's delicious, warm, very tasty, and is fully :) And really rapid to do.

To deal with all of that germs, of course we need a hand sanitizer, even more if you're not at home, somewhere around thousand of people. You can't now deal with your own germs, imagine the other ones, so keep always one thing of that if you. Even if you're not sick :)

And these are the essentials you will need in a week when you are sick.
Tell me the comments if you think that is all, and also if you prefer the things like that or when I numeric everything :)

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx