Typical Christmas Portuguese Food

Helloo! How you doin'?

Ok, finally I have a Christmas Post, and sadly I'm only gonna post this one and other one: Only two! But they will be great, don't worry!
For this post, I wanna to do something different and at the same do something about the feeling of Christmas, and what is better than the family, the hometown?
And so is that I'm gonna introduce to you, some of the food that my family does (and I eat) on Christmas :) "Typical Portuguese Food"

So without further a do, let's start ;)

#1 - Rabanas or Fatias Douradas {French Toast}

Rabanada is a sweet made by wheat bread sliced that after wetted by milk, wine or sugar syrup, are passed by egg and fried.
I'm gonna be honest this is not one of my favourites, but stills a typical and I eat sometimes so...  And most of people love it :)

#2 - Filhoses 

It's made with flour and eggs, sometimes also with pumpkin and orange rind, fried in oil or other vegetable oils.
This have to be on the table, is one of the most knows sweets. And also is a 'go to' to my sister so is like she demands!

#3 - Sonhos de Natal {Christmas Dreams}

The sonhos de Natal are fried, with a spherical shape and an orange exterior and a yellowish tint inside. The ingredients include milk, lemon peel, salt, flour, eggs and oil for frying. You can do a lot of sonhos with a different flavor! 
My favourite is the ones with a taste of pumpkin ;)

#4 - Azevias {Flounder}

The Azevias are the most popular traditional Christmas sweets, lacking on the table.

These sweets have a crispy fried dough, sprinkled with sugar, and a filling which varies. The most knows are the sweet potato, and my favourites the grain ;)
This is one of my favourites, personally *-*

#5 - Bolo Rei {The King Cake}

For last, the most knows, the one and only BOLO REI!
With a round shape, and a large hole in the center, is made from a fluffy white mass mixed with raisins, nuts and candied fruit. Traditionally, within the cake also found it is a dry bean and a small gift, usually made of metal. "The bean gave to those who receive a share entitled to pay the next bolo rei, and the gift gave luck to those who found him."
This is the main sweet of all, the one that can't miss on christmas, everyone must have this on the table is almost like a obligation! I'm telling you :) And for my sister this is like heaven she loves more than loves {?} ahah!

And that's it guys! Tell me on the comments bellow which are your typical christmas food, I would like to know (You can be from whatever country ;)

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx