Back to school: What you will need

Hellooooo guys!

Ok, I'm super excited for this post because is my FIRST back to school post and yas! But it means that school is really close :c and maybe you alreaday school.
If you are: Hope you having a great start of school, and keep your chin up! :3

Let's start the post  

Here it's some school suplies:

1. Pencil Sharpener: for the ones that use pencil are more then necessary... preferable with a tank.

2. Post-it: super necessary, to take some notes, homework, important things even to mark some pages.

3. Paper: is an essential if you use everyday a binder or even when you are studying to take notes.

4. Planner: super important, mainly when you star highschool, to keep your tests, schedule, important dates, everything organize...

5. Eraser: try to choose the ones that you really know that works or choose the white one, their are softer and clean better.

6. Binder and/or Notebook: the bindder is super necessary to keep everything in place and organize. If you choose notebooks, that I like more, choose in a medium size, really cool ones to keep you motivate and if you prefer one big to more than 1 subject.

7. Dividers: they are really important if you choose to use binder to keep everything in the respective place.

8. Folder: essential for the ones that use notebooks, to keep all the documents organize.

9. Backpack: one comfortable, that carry everything, resistent and that match with everything.

10. Corrector: to keep your notes clean and beautiful.

11. USB drive: to save every work group or some notes that the teacher give to you.

12. Pencil or mechanical pencil: you choose, but I think that the mechanical pencil are way better and partical.

13. Highlighter: is defenitely a must for every grade, to highlight anything important and to help when you study.

14. Ruler: super basic, but sometimes is necessary, a usually go with the mini office kit.

15. Pens and colorful pens: Just to keep everything more organize, to highlight every important note that you take, and make everything more happy. Oh and buy a pack of blue/black pens, you'll need!

16. Pencilcase: a thing that you really must have. You need to keep all your material in one place.

Other things are:
 1. Powerbank

 2. Headphones

 3. Water Bottle

 4. And some gum

And this is all you will need for school, I think... Comment bellow if I forgot something and for what grade are you going!

Remember, "Everyday is a new beginning"

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya all soon!

Carole xx