My experience with CrazyColor

Hello! How's everyone?

As you probably remember, I said in one of my previous post that I had bought a semi-permanent hair color cream. So I already tried it (as you probably know), but I'm gonna explain better my experience.

So, I read the instructions, and did exactly what they said to begin. And thats was, wash my hair has I normaly do and then put the product {to be honest was my sister that put the product on, and before that I put some lip balm around my face just because I heard that the paint stain on the skin}, after 15-30 minutes I wash my hair, just with water until the water runs clean. The water didn't was really clean but, was almost...

Then, I let my hair dry normaly, with no heat. Oh, if you want to take some paint that stain in your skin, do it with alcohol, it works c:

Unfortunately the color didn't acept very well in my hair because he's too dark, like a dark brown, but I saw some lives, and I like it.
So, I slept and when I wake up my pillow and my PJ's shirt was all pink because of the color that I paint, bordeaux. So, be carefully don't use clothes that you really like, but if you wash it, it disappears :)
In that day, the day afyer I paint it, the color was even more beautiful as possible. Of course, that if I'm in a local that the sun hit on my hair the color have a much better view c:

If there's no sun:

And If there's sun:

I really liked the result, so I'm thinking about paint it permanently, because the other paint comes out with the bath, but I'm not sure :)
One last thing, on my hair, the color stayed, maybe 2-3 weeks :)

P.S: I didn't used the all bottle so I can do one more time c: And only cost me 4,95euros on Maquillalia.

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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