My Spring Essentials

Hello! How you doin'?

So, as all of the people are doing, I decided to do too. Why not, right?
And here they are:

 #1 Pastel Nail Polishes

Because their remember me spring, they're so cute and simple :)

#2 Pastel Lipstick

I  really don't know why, but I'm obessed with this :o

#3 Small Bags

With this you can carry the necessary and is simple but effective. Ahah!

#4 Fedoras/Crown Flowers

I love them, they're so fashion all the time, and is a useful acessorie.

Of course, they're just remember spring, and it's super cute :3

#5 Cardigans

People say that cardigans is for fall, but in spring you still need jackets so the perfect ones is cardigans. Comfortable, and nice.

#6 Jumpsuits 

With shorts and long sleeves are perfect, because is springer but just that :)

#7 Leggings/Jeggings

If you are more sassy you can definitely use leggings, simple ones or with patterns.

If you aren't so sassy to use leggins, use jeggings (jeans + leggings). Like leggings they're super comfortable, adorable and soft, You can do everything with this :D

And this were my spring essentials :) Tell me in the comments yours! Ok? Ok.

I hope you like it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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Carole xx