"Something Big"

Hello! How are you doin?

I'm not gonna apologize, because you know, it's difficult to post when you have school, and tests, all of that stuff that you probably know :)

On november 16th was Derp Con Portugal, oh yea! And of course I went there :) I don't know if you know what is it, but, I'm gonna explain to you: It's like a concentration of 5SOS fans. This only happened, because they organized the real DerpCon, but the Portuguese fans decided to organize this for those that didn't win to go to the treal c: #GoodIdea

Here are some photos!

We did a lot of activities, like peddy paper called The Smash Misson!, the Name the Album game, some quizzes, challenges... everything! I really enjoy it :3

Next, I want to give you some videos to watch ahah, no, just somethings...
I want to talk about Shaw Mendes New Videoclip! OMG! Just loved so much, if you didn't watch yet, You must see!

And now, the most important!
This is a video from youtuber, and in this case my sister, and you should see her videos, because she is good, just a little, and she did a video with me :D "The Sibling Tag" Whatch it!

And that's all.

I hope you like it c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!

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Carole xx