Hello! How are you doin' ?

Well,  I had another blog on "Wix", but there I didn't know if the people visite or not, and honestly it just works for fun, I guess... and it's not my case c:

As I was a little bit exausted of that so I decided to change the blog, and do it all over again.
I hope you like it, of course. And for my change I decided use the "Blogger", more because of my cousin, because she tell me that she really likes it and I decided to try.

As I gonna do all over again, the blog is gonna be diferent, well i think...
In this blog I'm gonna talk about my outfit's that I wear for which situation, my favorites products, about music, this gonna be a personal blog, so wait for a little bit of everything!

I hope you like it c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!

You can find me on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/brave_brunette
Instagram: http://instagram.com/thebravebrunette
Tumblr: http://the-brave-brunette.tumblr.com

Carole xx