Clothes & Food

Hello! How are you doin'?

I know I don't put a post a long time, but I honestly don't know why i haven't  posted. Actually I have many things to tell you.

Moving on ... Here is the stuff I bought for relatively little time c:


The clothes I bought were all from "Tezenis". I never had bought anything there, but so far I liked the clothes they had there. :)

One of the things that I bought was a orange blouse with ruffles and a top (I can not explain well)

The following were two bras, (I shouldn't post it, ahah) one white, one black the same genre. With lace and push-up ^ - ^


Regarding the food, also, just bought three things from "Glood". The store is the one that have food from different countries.

The three things I bought were:

This mango and strawberry tea. I really like this tea, definitely one of my favorites. The tea, as you can imagine, is sweet, very, but idk... I like it!

Vegemite, an Australian thing. This is type of molasses or a salt jam... Yees ... People say or do you love or do you hate this, but in my opinion is a lie because I didn't dislike or loved... But honestly didn't like it much   : /

And last, these bubble gums with the flavour mint chocolate chip. I love these gums are really delicious! People you should, no, you must buy it, ahah!

I hope you like it c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!

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Carole xx