Night Out Outfit

Helloooo! Welcome back, again :)

I'm so proud of myself, another post, this is amazing for me and for you! I don't know if I mention, but if I did I'm going to say it again. Today's post will be about fashion again, not particularly just that, but a mix of fashion, makeup, and my experience (kind of).
Curious? Just keep on reading!

Last week I went to a sunset party, near the beach with lot of music, food, happiness and drinks. Let me just say that was good experience. I didn't went with friends like with my age, but that wasn't a big problem because I had fun as well.
In that day was a little bit windy but we could passed that. As I arrive, I had to wait a little bit because the bar wasn't open yet, I arrived there the time 6p.m but they were a little bit late.
As I enter, I first stayed in a place I appreciate the beautiful view and how organize was the venue. Beautiful! And then they had, kinda of a painel where we could took pictures with there logo and stuff and obviously I had to!

As you can see in the photo above, I show my all outfit that is the principal part of this post. For that I wanna something comfortable, colorful, simple as well... Something easy but looks complex. With that said, I used (only a few things):
- A colorful, bright romper from H&M
- My high heels sandals from Seaside
- Round sunglasses from C&A

For my hair, my sister tried to do on me the boxers braids, but that went terrible that time, so stayed with my go to hairstyle which is, a up down bun!
Next, the makeup I have to admit it I didn't kept it simple. I'm not gonna say from all the products are neither I'm explain, however if you really like the makeup I can do a post/video about it ;)

Finally, when the sunset happen and was a little bit dark, the view was so gorgeous, I even too a photo. With that view, it was getting a little bit cold so I had to wore a short leather jacket, from New Yorker.
Oh, and let me just say the sangria there was so damn good, I can say that I drunk 3 glasses of that, easily. It was sangria of champagne *.*  The dinner was ok, the meal was creative but was too salty and dry. But the dessert was good I could say.


And, summarize was it! I arrived at home at 1p.m, a little bit less or a little bit more. In the end of the day the important thing was that I had fun, and I could help you showing you what to wore and a exemplar of makeup (you probably should make it a little simple) that you can do/wear for a sunset :)

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx