Braces On!


If you follow me on my social media or if you read the last post, you already know about this but I'm gonna tell you again anyways...
So, I'm writting this to, maybe, help you if you getting braces soon. I'm gonna explain my experience, and my progress with the braces :)

I'm gonna start with telling you that braces is something that is expensive, and unfornately I put just because of one teeth :/

I start all the process, first taking care of all my caries, only two and in the second day put seven elastic {I only put seven because of that teeth, but normaly is eight} called orthodontic spacers.
Something like the photo:

And guys, this stupid elastics are like torture! They hurt SOOOO bad, in scale of 1-10 I give probably 6/7. This things are exactly like if you have a big piece of meat in between your tooth.
And I had a problem with one, that began to going into my gums and I had a little infection so it hurts even more. {I took some medicine, and the next day I went to the doctor}
I had this for 3 days, but normaly you have for a week.
Such as braces, with the elastics I was unable to eat, I just couldn't. It hurts! So my food was only, soup, pap and liquid stuff.

Then I put my braces on {July 31st}, and it didn't hurt as much as people tell maybe 3, in the scale but nothing more.
It takes some time, like one and half hour to put the braces and it's really akward, it was really different that I tought but ok...
I put on purple elastics because they didn't have enough blue ones, my favourite color, so I decided put on my best friend favorite color ;) Cute hun?

In the first day it was really weird and uncomfortable like to shut my mouth or talking but it didn't hurt.
I probably say, that the first three days it's a really bit strange but again, in any day that I have it didn't hurt so don't worry!
It's anoying just because you can't barely eat, like in the first week, you eat just the things you eat when you have the elastics but this time, you can't drink soft drinks and eat gums :c

Now, it's my second week, I already eat rice, pasta, bread without the crust, fish, almost everything that's soft (I don't eat meat :c it's too tough)
The anoying part is that the food get in, in the middle of the braces and you have to brush your tooth, and like I take 10 MINUTES to brush my tooth, it's crazy it's so much to do! ahah :)

I'm like that right now, ahah

Sometimes you get lazy but you have to do it, we have to take care of our mouth, I brush my teeth 2 times a day, it depends too... And guys please STAY STRONG!
I'm advising you already, maybe you're not gonna like it to see yourself with it, your photos gonna look stupid at first, and you're not gonna like it to talk to people because of the braces.
But do you want to know something? YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT!
In the end all of this sacrifice there will be a prize :3

Be Brave, you can do it!

If you want me to do like a serie about the braces, or if you have any questions, just tell on the comments bellow, or send me a message on my social media!

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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Carole xx


  1. It's true that wearing braces could come with big challenges. For one, it is really painful at first few weeks. Well, I'm glad that you're getting the hang of it already. I'm sure your teeth will look better after that. Thanks for sharing, Carole! This information is going to be really useful for those who are planning to embark on their braces journey. :-)

    Sylvester Mckenzie @ Cody Dental

    1. Oh, thank you so much. I hope that help many people :)
      Knowing that my teeth will look better is my motivation to keep it going!