Prom 2015

Hello :) How you doin'?

I'm so happy, last week was my 9th grade Prom :) And I'm here to talk about it
I'm sorry for didn't put a post about How to get ready to Prom, but, to be honest I didn't have time :/

But, let's start! 

For my prom, I wore a white dress {because the theme was Black&White}, with an amazing pattern and some asymmetric frills. To tell the truth the dress is from my sister, because I didn't find a dress that I really like.
And my makeup was, again, my sister that done. A gold/orange smokey eye, with a wing eyeliner and a peach lipstick. Some blush, bronzer, corrector, foudation, powder... 
And made me a fishtail braid :)

Then, I went to my school/prom at 7p.m with some friends and we enter a room all decorated with UV lights, music, balloons, I can say it was pretty ...
The music, was already turn up, and the food was out side the room, so the first thing I done was find my pair, say hello, and after I left him to eat something and drink ahah.

Here is me with my pair:

Yes, I'm not with a braid, it was so hot that I take her out :/

After that, I was just talking with my friends but after, probably, 30 minutes, finally my pair convinced me to dance and I dance. Because of that I couldn't stop dancing, I look like some crazy girl obesessed to dance! 
We done a lot of dances with teachers too ahah, like a circle and all world dance, a boys vs girls, some child dances. 
And we take a LOT, and LOT of photos!

To finished we sing the "Happy Birthday" song to all the students that are finalists (9th grade) a continued the party for 3 more songs and it was 11p.m, so it was time to go :/

It was one of the best nights of my life, I loved it. At first with I have some problems, but I'm not gonna explain, but if you want to know ask me on the comments or on my social media...
I loved every single moment, I cried when the director start doing a speech, beautiful speech ;3 The music was great, the people there was amazing, the DJ was incredible (COSMIN PRODUÇÕES), the dances, the food (some part of the prom I was eating :/),  all!

 I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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