Big Purchases & #MovieTime

Hello! How are you doin'?

Yes, I know I don't post a long time on the blog, but I have a reason! Recently my father arrived from abroad and went on holiday with him so I haven't had time or... #Sorry

But, let's start! c:

In these recent days earlier I did some purchases, which will show now and then give my opinion:

This box of cereal frui, I didn't tasted yet, but I heard they are good and are very known, so I decided to buy.

Peanut butter pop tarts, so good! Not loved, but honestly are good, a bit dry, but to make snack is good. And the delicious Pringles Pizza, love it!

Two packages of gum, a mint chocolate chip flavour, and a flavored cupcake raspberry and vanilla. As you already know I love the mint, nothing to add. And I ,frankly, think that the cupcake is very sickening: /

One innovative thing, peanut butter oreos. Yes I love oreos, and I love peanut butter, so perfect combination. And how obvious I loved!

And finally, in relation to food, noodles! I think we've all heard, but it's just instantaneous pasta, I can't explain. This tasted is like curry. Was on sale so I bought. :)

This all food bought in the American Store.

Now clothes:

Bought this bikini in Blanco, I like it, have fun colors and abstract designs. Does my gender.

Oh my god! This jacket, for years, I've been looking but they are always super expensive and never thought it is worth the price, but I found this on sale for half price :) I bought it at Tally Weijl.

About this blouse, I have nothing to say, except "Ninja Turtle Power! Ahah I bought in Primark.

Finally bought these beautiful sandals transparent plastic with bright and have a little heel. Love!

And these were my purchases! Tell me in the comments what your favorite piece of clothing or have proved some of those things, food, and your opinion :)


In this "#MovieTime" I will speak of the movie Transformers: Age of extinction. Start by saying I've not really like science fiction movies, but as this was also action, I saw. And yes, almost is not in cinemas ...

The movie is good, the story is good until ... Overall I liked the film, but otherwise, I think the movie is too large, has many details and things ... I don't know, after a bit begins to tire :/

But if you liked the others and like this kind of films will probably like this too.

If you saw this movie, tell me your opinion in the comments :)

I hope you like it c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!

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Carole xx