Teen Choice Awards 2016 : Female Looks

Hellooo! You are looking FAB my dear :)

It feels like I've been saying this over and over, but I feel the need every time, so here I go. I'm sorry for not posting last week, but in the past 2 weeks my dad was in Portugal so I wanna to be with him as much as I could.
Forgetting about that I'm already here for a new post, and it will be a new one tomorrow as well so, what you think about that?

For this post I choose to do something I surprisingly never did but I see a lot of people doing it, which is comment on famous people outfits in certain ocasions, red carpets {awards, premieres...}.
The most recent is Teen Choice Awards, and since I'm a teenager why not commenting, it is the perfect time :)

Before I continue let me know in the comments which one is your favourite :) I let you know mine in the end, you just need to keep reading ;)

First on the list, Cat Deeley:

Sincerly, I don't know what to think, it's definitely not one of my favourites but I think that suits her.
With a dress by Madewell she opted for a "all denim" style which is so popular right now. If you see on a all is a little yes, but for Teen Choice Awards I don't think, however the sandals are so beautiful even for TCA, and match perfectly with her hair. The dress just don't captivates me, in my opinion she could go a lot better, but for a maxi denim dress is really beautiful, with that cutout, and pockets. A good idea was, because is strapless she went for a small thin necklace that makes everything more discreet and put together.
Rate: 2/5

Second, Emeraude Toubia:

The famous Shadowhunter, went for more a sophisticated look but at the same time rock.
I love how she wore a maxi blazer dress, and completly change all with 3 chokers, with different colors, and the spike pointed heels. In general she could go more practical since is TCA but the outfit just screams Emeraude! Her option for the look was a success, I never seen some dress like that and suits her so well and the rest make her look like a badass. For me it's definitely a Yes! Oh and that v-neck that I love with the string down from the choker just takes it to another level.
Rate: 4/5

Third, Jessica Alba:

The mammy Alba, went for a practical look as I said that the others should go too.
With the top and trousers by David Koma she choose an all black look, even though that strange cutout on the top and the transparency make her look more a teen and more out of normal the trousers makes her more elegant and a mom, In a all the two pieces look is well put together and for her even better. The shoes by Kurt Geiger help with the elegancy of the trousers (and the all black as well as), the bag by M2MAlletier is the only thing I don't really like is too childish and don't combine with the other pieces. The only pop of color that she have is the jewels by Colette that makes her shine, and for me that was a must, otherwise the look was a little boring. In the end is a Yes!
Rate: 4/5

Forth, Lea Michelle:

The Glee singer, opted for a pattern two pieces look, what I've doubts.
Starting with Top and skirt by Self-Portrait, separated they're beautiful but together I'm just not feeling it. It's a mixed of feelings. The top is gorgeous has that v-neck, a beautiful shade of blue and the pattern is all about Lea, the skirt the same it screams Lea, but because the patterns are a little bit different I just don't know if it was the best choice. The shoes by Casadei I think they match with the look, a nude heels but in my opinion they could be less heigh and thin (heel). As the jewels by Eva Fehren, don't do much, she is just looking more 'full'.
Rate: 3/5

Fifth, Lucy Hale:

The Pretty Little Liar captivated me because of the shoes, strange? I know.
The dress by Loris Azzaro is absolutely sublime. However I need to be fair and say that it doesn't suit her very well, because of the length of the dress it made her shorter, and because she is not wearing heels so... Returning to the dress, the nude pink on it looks good on her skin tone and the blue and swarovski color make her glow ;) Now for the shoes, from I have seen she was the only that wore flat sandals and I think that suits perfectly the event and make her more 'fun'. The only thing that I don't particular liked it was the bag, it looks kinda of good on the outfit but it just not pretty in total.
Rate: 4/5

Sixth, Maddie Ziegler:

The young girl of TCA opted for high heels? Not the best choice I think.
Maddie is a 13 year old girl, so the event is for the right for her, but did she make the right choice on the outfit? I decided to talk about her because of that because she was one of the youngest. In Christian Siriano, the romper is beautiful and perfect for her age. The colors of it really highlights her medium beige skin tone, as well screams summer! The bag, as well as the jewels makes the look more feminin and not so childish which is a touch that I appreciate. About the shoes I'm not so sure, I think she should have choose some without high heels, she would look more for her age and more socialize.
Rate: 3/5

Last, Rowan Blanchard:

What have Rowan done? Personal not the best for her age, in an all.
Just a little bit older than Maddie, 14 year old, she choose a giant denim trench coat, a polo dress and puffy heels? Don't get me wrong Miu Miu clothes are pretty, but for her? The gabardine is a big NO, awful for the TCA and worst for her. Makes a her shorter and a adult that she isn't! It would be a lot better only with the polo white dress, because that piece of clothe is absolutely beautiful and if you could see better, she would be stunning. The shoes is other thing that I don't get it, why? Puffy, please no, she's a child not a old woman suits her awfully and the point makes even worst. A gold flat sandals would be the ideal.
Rate: 1/5

And we arrived at the end! I said in the beggining that I would tell you my favourite, so here I am. I prefer: Emeraude Tobia, it just fantastic for her!
Tell me in the comments if you want me to do a similar one but with her makeup look, ok?

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx