Madrid, Spain Lookbook

Helloooo! How is everyone?
First of all, I want to say a big thank you, because of the phenomenal views on the previous post, I notice that you really liked it :) So for today's post, it's again one about Madrid, I already have planned this but now I'm more excited to write about :)
The other was about shopping, this one will be about fashion, just 2 outfits, so it's a short lookbook!

If you curious about the outfits, just keep on reading! :)


So, on saturday, that was the most long and stressful but also beautiful day, I decided to wear something really casual, stylish, a little bit grungy but at the same time fresh :) 
For that I used a long sleeve lace up bodysuit in black from Romwe, which is so gorgeous and easy to put on. Next I wore some blue demin mom jeans from Pull&Bear, and I accessorize with a simple gold and black belt from Primark. In case the weather decided to start being a little colder I took with me a blue jacket hoodie from Primark. Finally I decided to put on some comfy shoes, since I was going to walk a lot, my Air Max 90 White from Nike. Oh, I carried a brown, vintage backpack from Primark.


On the following day I wore something more chic, springly but again casual and a little bit grunge. I'm going to start with the accessories, first my rounded silver sunglasses from C&A that actually I also used on the other outfit and second I big cleopatra gold necklace from Primark. For the colthes I used a long sleeve bohemian red floral short jumpsuit from Romwe, and the dad's demin jacket from Pull&Bear. For the bottom I wore some transparent collants from Primark, some lacey socks from Primark aswell, and for the shoes my gold superstar from Adidas.

And that's it guys, I know it was short but it's all that I got :) Anyways tell me in the comments bellow which one of the two outfits is your favourite! c: And about the previous post, again tell me if you want reviews from the haul :3

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx