My WishList - Sneakers Edition

Hellooo! How are you, amazing people?

It's been quite a while, but it doesn't matter, right? xD
Ok, ok... Let's start with the real post!
Today's post will be something really short, just, maybe, for you to get to know my taste when we are talking about fashion, in this case SNEAKERS! Because who doesn't love sneakers? It's one of my favourite things, for sure. So, I'll show you my whishlist, some of the sneakers I been wanting so much. :) And maybe I give you some ideas for the next pair of sneakers you're going to buy ;)

#7 - Vans Authentic All Black

I know, I know, these are the basic, but they still perfect :) It match everything incredibly and I bet they're comfortable. Even though they're in my wishlist, they're in the bottom, because I have another ones that I like it ;)
You may find them in, Seaside, The Athlete's Foot, Foot Locker, Vans... And cost around €65.

#6 - Raverz Sneakers White

I just found out about this brand like yesterday, but I fell in love right away! They're normal shoes, similiar with the Adidas Stan Smith, but their bottom lights up and yea, change colors.
At the time, I only know that you can find on their website, and cost €125, but they're NOW on sale for €80.

#5 - Skechers Memory Foam Style Icon

You're right, these are the Demi Lovato ones. However they seem really comfortable, and with some style on it, that degrade tho :o They're made for run, so I bet they have a bottom super stretchy and smooth.
You can bought it on Skechers mostly, and cost around €65.

#4 - Vans ISO 1.5

Maybe you never heard of them, but I have, I saw and I love them :) They're super stylish, comfortable, a little bit like the Nike Roshes ones. The material of these are so soft, and are burgundy, which is a color that are so in style right now!
You can find similiar, right now, on, The Athele's Foot, Vans... And cost around, it depends, €90.

#3 - Adidas Superstar Holographic

To be honest, I already have a pair of Superstars but in rose gold, and I love! When the rose gold didn't exist these ones were the ones that caught my eye, but then the others happend. The truth is I never forgot these ones. SO I want them!
You MAY find them on Adidas, but I'm not sure if they still on stores. Cost about €85.

#2 - Nike Air Max Thea Beige

I found out about these sneakers through Ingrid Nilsen, and I really liked them. She said really good things about them, and I already have heard other people saying that they really them aswell. So I decided that they should be on my wishlist, because they're my type but at the same time because they are beige they're not (?).
At the time I didn't saw them on the stores on Portugal so, but Nike! :/ But I know they cost like €123.´


#1 - Nike Roshe Run

I have been totally obesessed with these shoes, I have waiting too much time to buy them and I'm finally earning enought money to buy them. These are in the colors Silver, Black and White. Classic ones :) They also kinda to run, so they're really stretchy, comfortable, really smooth when walking...
You can find almost anywhere, from, Foot Locker, Nike... And they cost €92.

That's it guys! Tell me in the comments what were your favourites, and your top three sneakers! And also if you like this type of post. :)

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx