Zoeva New Brushes

Hellooo! And I know, I'm so sorry for didn't post last week :c But with tests already around the corner I really need to focus, because I been terrifying about one in particular...
Anyways, I'm back, not with a extense post, but with something to entertain you for a little :) Oh, and be prepared because Christmas posts are coming!!
And talking about Christmas, this post maybe it's a good idea for a present to some makeup girl ;)

So, a few weeks ago the brand Zoeva just came out with their new collection of new brushes, to everything (face, eyes...) and the brushes are so feminine because they have a golden rose tone, beautiful *-*


They are, still, some about 30, so I'm just gonna talk about them in general, because they're a lot and also because I didn't try any of them :c But I want two of them so badly :3

Of all this "set" I have the 3 I want the most, they are the 109 Luxe Face Paint, 317 Wing Liner and 322 Brow Line. The brushes round between 8euros and 22euros. A little bit expensive but I heard that they're great and really easy to work with.
They all have a unique design, correct proportions and shapes, and they're made with a special blend of natural and dye free synthetic bristles! ;)

That's it guys! I know it's not much for someone that didn't post in one week but it's what I can get right now. But suprises are coming ;)
Tell me on the comments bellow if you have any of these products and your though. Also, tell me your favourites, or the ones you really want like me:)

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx