Christmas Look Idea

Helloo! Hope everything is alright if you :)

Today's post will be the last one about Christmas, well kind of, because the LAST one will be me talking about my christmas, presents, stuff like that...
 As my blog is like more fashion which I love, I though I should do a christmas look idea, to help you making your choice what should you wear :)

This outfit is what I'm gonna wear, so you can always change a little bit one the colors, jewlery...

For my outfit I want it to be comfortable, but at same time stylish which it's not very difficult to be honest ahah.

 So I decided to wear a oversized sweater from Ralph Lauren and is in a light yellow which remembers me gold. As the sweater is not too long as I which I wore some black shorts underneath just to make sure. ahah  Oh, and to keep me even more warm I decided to use a black simple long sleeve shirt underneath as well.
Otherwise of this sweater you can use one in red, white and maybe one turtleneck, it will look so Christmassy *-*

 As you can see my sweater is not turtleneck so I used a neckband to give me more style, and mine is in black to match everything but you can use other colours ;)

I think you can see, so to give more color to the outfit I'm using a bright red lipstick to give a pop! on everything, if you'd like to know is from Hean.
Then I'm using a black transperent collants to give a more warmer look, and also a high knee socks because I love wearing this type of socks. :)

Finally to complete everything I choose wearing black boots with a normal heel, because I need something fancy in all of this ;)

And that's my complete look idea, as I said in the beggining you can change whatever you want, this is only my look and an idea to you ;)
If you need any prices or where are the things please tell me and I would love to tell you :*

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya on my next post!

Carole xx