Back to school: Natural Makeup

Hellooo beautiful people! Hope you're having an amazing day :)

First of all, I wanna say sorry for not posting the other day, but as you may know or seen I was doing some changes on the blog, so I couldn't post.
Second thing, and last, I wanna thank you so MUCH for your patience, support, amazing reviews and for the number of views that just increased so much, that I'm in ecstasy.

But now let's start the real deal 

Today's post is a natural/simple makeup for school and it's super easy,  so if you wanna know how to do it just keep reading :3

1º Step - Face 

Before anything else you're gonna start by apply moisturizer all over your face. I used the L'oreal extraordinary oils.

After you put the moisturizer uniform, start by applying the corrector high coverage  in your worst places. I used the Catrice Camouflage Cream, 02 Light Beige.

After that use your normal corrector, not hight coverage, I used Makeup Revolution Corrector Matte Effect, MC 06 Medium. Put in your forehead, dark circles, nose and chin.

After that, to fix everything in place use your compact powder all over your face, mine is the Maybeline Affini Mat 20 nude beige.

Then, I use a bronzer as a contour, under my cheek bones, because I really like the shade of it. I'm using the Essence bronzing compact powder 01 bronzing queen.

I'm also applying blush on my cheek bones. I used the MeMeMe Blush Me! Rouge.

To complete the 1ºstep moisturize your lips with a lip balm, mine is EOS.

2º Step - Eyes

The first thing you have to do is your eyebrows, to make hers on fleek ahah. I used a brown pencil from Claire's.

For your eyes use a base eyeshadow to keep everything in place. I used one from essence that match, kind of, my skin tone, but I don't know the shade, sorry :x

After that I'm using two colors to highlight my corner, in the middle of my eyelead and underneath my eyebrow. I'm usind the iconic 1 and 3 from Makeup Revolution {Dupes from Naked}.

 After that I'm doing kind of a arrow in the crease with the bronzer from essence.

Then, I'm gonna smudge the eye, with a fluffly brush and at the same time applying two pink shades from iconic 3, the forth and seventh shade.

To finish the eyes I'm gonna curle my eyelashes, and apply mascara even in my bottom lashes. I used a curvex and a mascara from Maybeline False eyelashes.

Oh, I totally forgot, this is opcional, but I used a white eyepencil in my waterline :o From essence.

3º Step - Lips

This is the last thing you're gonna do, which is put lipstick on. Use your fave nude lipstick, mine is from Kiko, unlimited stylo 013

Final Look 

Comment bellow what you though, and if you try this makeup be sure to identify me or use the #NaturalMakeupBrunette
But keep this in mind, you don't need any makeup, you're beautiful with or without.

Remember, "Everyday is a new beginning"

I hope you liked it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya friends!

Carole xx