2ºday of BloodyNightCon 2015 #TVD

Hellooo, how's everyone?

As I said on my previous post, I'm gonna talk about the 2ºday of the con :)

To me, the second day was a little bit better but at the same time worst. Because of the two reasons:
1 - Better because I made questions to them at the panels
2 - Worst because almost all the time I was alone, because my sister was taking pictures, and at the autographs :/ {And again, if you want to know about her experience here is her blog danixinhahhh.tumblr.com }

But I'm gonna explain the day:
The next day I didn’t have to wake up that early because the first part of the panel was only for people who had Extreme Meeting Room so I could show up at the hotel a little bit later. 

When me and my sister arrived there we went straight for the Merchandise because she needed to buy two pics for Zach and Chris to sign their autographs :)

Then, we got in the queue to enter the panels room. When we were in there a girl from the staff starting calling for the people who had autographs with Zach, so my sister had to leave my me and went to the queueu for Zach’s autograph :)

So, I wait in the queue probably more 5 minutes and enter to the panels room. The Zach's panels didn't started when we entered so I was just playing on my phone ahah :)

Then, when my sister show up, Zach show up too. Funny, hun? xD

As I said, he's a really awesome person, he's funny, a natural and simple person. I don't know what to say he's just amazing. Oh, and he's smile is adorable and hot 

After Zach, it was time for Michael’s panel and I went to the queueu to ask him a question and I did! My sister got me on camera :3 I asked him if he could do a duet with anyone who would it be?" and he answers me Lana Del Rey because both had born on the same day and month ahah. But seriously he was so natural, and relax and amazing so funny at the same time. Loved how he was, so thankfully I did one question :$

After Michael was time for Kat’s panel and JESUS! I love that woman, her panel  was the best one to me. She was so powerful and so truth to the women around.
The panel was just PERFECT! and some fans could met her on stage, and she danced and sang :) She was so interective to her fans so fabulous. 
Oh, and almost of the panel I was in the queue to make her a question, and I DID! OMG, SHE WAS SO NICE, SO FUNNY, SO PERFECT and generous :)
I asked her, wait first I said that I was from Portugal and I loved her and she replied screaming Portugal! and said Obrigado, then I asked if she had to chose betwen singing or acting who would chose?" And she said she quit because she can't chose and almost all of her jobs was acting and singing, The Vampire Diaries it was the only one that she was not singing.
So, there won’t be photos of Kat because I was on the queue and my sister wasn't there, sorry xD

Then, was Chris' panel, and again it was so funny, the fans made it do a lot of funny things, like do the macarona, talk in the Batman Voice and do a psycho smile, like Kai ahah xD
Really cool to watch, and my sister was with me in that panel so she tried to do him a question but he finished the panel to soon so she couldn't do :c
But here some photos xx

After that, there was supposed to be a Chris & Kat panel and an ian panel, but they were late with group photos so they cancelled those panels and got some translator guy talking about translations and stuff.. Ughh.. But well, then the actors got on stage again, all of them and then they thanked everyone and so and so and then they played a 5 year Anniversary video on the screens :D

P.S: When it wasn't the panels they were doing quizzes or playing some videos like episodes of the serie or videos that fans made :x amazed!

In the next post I'm gonna talk about Barcelona, what I visited and that stuff...

I hope you like it  c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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