My Birthday ! *-*

Hello! How you doin'?

On Sunday it was my birthday :) I went for lunch in a kind of fancy restaurant with my best friend, and it was pretty amazing. 

Then I had my friends around, here at my house, just to sing 'Happy Birthday' eat cake and have some fun c: It was really fun. Me and my best drink a little bit so... >.<

Before I continue, I wore, as you can see on the photos, a floral crop top, a maxi skirt ripped, a denim jacket, my bordeaux Dr.Martens and also a kind of scarf c: I really like it the result *-*

After that, I went to have dinner with my dad :) Also in a kind of fancy restaurant. Actually, it is the one that I have been going to for the last 3 years :P I really like that restaurant, I would go there more often if it wasn’t so expensive :x

And for last I show you some of the presents that I receive :)


 I hope you like it c: {Sorry for my bad english, I'm portuguese}

And... See ya!
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Carole xx